Armati, Patricia, et al., editors.

This 2006 book examines the exciting discoveries in the study of marsupials of the last 20 years. These discoveries have led to significant developments in our understanding of this unique group of mammals. The impact of these developments have been such that marsupials are coming to be seen as model organisms in studies of life history evolution, ageing and senescence, sex determination and the development and regeneration of the nervous system. Marsupials brings together information scattered throughout the primary literature. Coverage includes evolutionary history and management strategies as well as all aspects of basic biology. A complete listing of known species and a comprehensive list of references make this a unique repository of information on this fascinating group of animals.

  • The first comprehensive treatment of this fascinating group of mammals
  • Covers aspects ranging from basic biology through ecology and evolution to management strategies
  • Includes a complete species list

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Cambridge University Press, 2012.  373 pages, paperback, 68 black and white photographs, line drawings.


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