Caughley, Graeme, Neil Shepherd, Jeff Short

The management of kangaroos is one of the most controversial issues in Australian wildlife management today – kangaroos are ‘in plague proportions’ or ‘on the verge of extinction’ depending on whom you spoke to last.  This book examines the ecology and management of kangaroos and shows how they interact with their own environment and with that shaped by sheep grazing and the wool industry.  It presents the results of intensive and detailed studies of feeding behaviour, movement and habitat utilisation, body condition and population dynamics, weather and plant growth. These are then synthesised to produce a clear picture of how kangaroos cope so successfully with the climatic extremes of the arid zone, how they and the sheep jointly affect each other’s fortunes, and what the options are for the future management of kangaroos both within the national parks and on the sheep rangelands.

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Cambridge University Press, December 2009. 268 pages, Octavo, paperback, photographs, other illustrations.

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