Prothero, Donald R, Robert M. Schoch

Presents a new evolutionary history of ungulates, combining the latest scientific evidence with the most current information about their ecology and behaviour. Using an approach based on cladistics, the authors consider both living and extinct ungulates. Included in their discussion are the stories of rhinos, whose ancestors include both dinosaur-sized hornless species and hippo-like river waders; elephants, whose earliest ancestors had neither tusks nor trunks; and whales, whose descent from hoofed mesonychids has never properly been described for the lay audience. Prothero and Schoch also update the evolutionary history of the horse and present new evidence about the evolution of camels, horned antelopes, and cattle. In addition, they raise important conservation issues and relate anecdotes of significant fossil finds.

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Johns Hopkins University Press, March 2003.   311 pages, hardcover, 194 black and white photos, 50 black and white illustrations

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