Neuweiler, Gerhard.

This comprehensive introduction to the biology of bats offers a summary of the large body of information about bats that the scientific community has amassed over the years. It assesses the most current information available about physiological systems, ecology, and phylogeny of bats, as well as the biology of mammals in general. The book also features a thorough discussion of echolocation, a topic currently under intense scrutiny. With examples taken from European and neotropical species, as well as North American species, this useful volume documents what is currently known about this highly successful and fascinating order of mammals.
Contents include: Functional Anatomy and Locomotion; The Circulatory and Respiratory System; Heat and Water Balance; Diet, Digestion, and Energy Balance; Central Nervous System; Echolocation; Vision, Olfaction, and Taste; Reproduction and Development; Ecology; Phylogeny and Systematics; Index.

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Oxford University Press, February 2000.  310 pages, paperback, 127 line illustrations

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