Baker, Andrew M, Ian C Gynther

IN STOCK.  Fully updated and with completely reworked text and images, this is essentially the Fourth Edition of the acclaimed The Mammals of Australia, with the name change acknowledging the contribution of the late Ronald Strahan, who authored the First Edition of the book in the 1970s. The previous (Third) edition was edited by Steve Van Dyck and Ronald Strahan and published in 2008.

Strahan’s Mammals of Australia is the best book available on the subject, being the most definitive, comprehensive and up-to-date. It provides a written account of every species of native mammal known to have existed in Australia since European settlement, with 403 species covered in total. It is beautifully illustrated with more than 1,500 colour photographs, while each species account includes a detailed description of the animal and its behaviour. Species covered range from marsupials, monotremes and rodents through to bats, seals and whales.

The new edition sees the addition of 14 newly described species and includes all the latest taxonomic treatments and many changes to names (to common and scientific names) and other features that have been accepted in the 14 years that have passed since the publication of the Third Edition.

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Reed New Holland, April 2023.  838 pages, hardcover, colour photographs, maps