Davie, P.J.F.

Covers the commercially important crustacean species – shrimps, prawns, lobsters and yabbies, listing over 1200 species known from Australian waters. The volume opens with a general introduction to the Malacostraca, giving an historical overview of the work on this group. The Catalogue then summarises the baseline data on nomenclature and taxonomy of all Phyllocarida, Hoplocarida and Eucarida (with the exception of crabs, hermit crabs and their allies). For each family there is a brief introduction and diagnosis, then Australian species are cited by name and original references are given.

This is a timely listing of all known taxa for this economically significant group: it assembles the baseline data; it highlights gaps and areas of confusion; and it identifies groups requiring attention. As such, it is an important text for fisheries workers and managers, environmental consultants and researchers specialising in crustacea.

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CSIRO Publishing, Octavo, publisher’s cloth, illustrations.

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