Poore, Gary C.B., Shane T Ahyong

Decapod crustaceans, shrimps, crabs, prawns and their allies are highly visible and important members of marine environments. They are among the most charismatic of marine animals, inhabiting beaches, rocky shores and into the deep sea, hiding under stones, burrowing in the sediment and nestling in among algae and many other microhabitats. However, most are difficult to identify by the specialist and amateur naturalist alike.

Marine Decapod Crustacea explains the anatomical features necessary for differentiating taxa and includes diagnoses and identification keys to all 189 families and 2121 genera of marine Decapoda. Many decapods have vivid colours, which are showcased in a selection of spectacular photographs of many representative species.

This volume provides an entry to the literature for taxonomists, naturalists, consultants, ecologists, teachers and students wanting to identify local faunas and understand this diverse group.

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CSIRO Publishing, January 2023.  928 pages, hardcover, 150 colour photos, 225 black and white illustrations