Gowlett-Holmes, Karen.

This is the most comprehensive book for the identification of South Australian marine invertebrates (intertidal to 30m depth) ever published. Covers all groups of macro marine invertebrates, including sponges, sea anemones, corals, jellyfish, bryozoans, worms, molluscs (snails, nudibranchs, bivalves, cephalopods), crustaceans (barnacles, amphipods, isopods, shrimps, crabs), echinoderms (seastars, sea urchins, sea cucumbers), and ascidians (sea squirts). Over 870 species illustrated in full colour – over 1,500 high quality in situ colour photographs. With distribution maps, habitat information, and brief descriptions for all species.

Written and illustrated by Karen Gowlett-Holmes, a leading Australian marine biologist and international award-winning underwater photographer.

Designed as a field guide – compact A5 size, high quality printing, strong durable binding, with coated pages to resist repeated use, even with wet fingers! Ideal for students, scientists, snorkellers, divers, underwater photographers, shore fossickers, in fact anyone with an interest in southern Australian marine life.

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Notomares, July 2008.   333 pages, paperback, 1500 colour photos, maps.

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