Orr, A.G.

The first guide to Borneo’s dragonflies and the most comprehensively illustrated account of any large tropical dragonfly fauna yet published. Species are figured by photographs, generally taken in nature, and half-wing coloured drawings. Many are figured by both methods. About 60% of known species are shown, including almost all the distinctive and common species likely to be encountered by a casual visitor. Particular attention is given to the identification of the common but difficult medium-sized red dragonflies of which there are several. The text augments the illustrations and provides useful information on biology.
Introductory chapters discuss structure and general biology, ecology and conservation, faunistics and biogeography and collecting techniques and photography. There is a complete and up to date checklist. Illustrated keys to families of adults give the reader an understanding of the structures used in classifying dragonflies and augment the usefulness of the illustrations of entire insects. Main larval forms are shown.

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Natural History Publications, (Borneo), 2003.  195 pages,  Quarto, dustwrapper, colour photographs.

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