van Noort, Simon; Gavin Broad

Wasps have been around since before the dinosaurs and are one of the world’s largest insect groups. More than 150,000 species have been identified, and while the black-and-yellow insect with a cinched waist may be the most familiar, most wasps are tiny parasitoids that use other insects for food. Wasps of the World provides a breathtaking look at the diverse characteristics, habitats, and lifestyles of these extraordinary insects.

  • Features more than 250 stunning color photos of numerous species
  • Profiles more than 100 families, with absorbing commentary detailing the range, habits, and notable features of members of each family
  • Every profile includes a distribution map and a table of essential facts about size, diet, reproduction, and habitats
  • Discusses the evolution and biology of wasps, exploring the vital role they play in supporting healthy ecosystems
  • Shows how scientific research is expanding our knowledge about wasps and their behavior

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Princeton University Press, February 2024. 240 pages, hardcover, 300 colour photos, colour distribution maps