Dine, Michael

This Way to the Universe is a celebration of the astounding, ongoing scientific investigations that have revealed the nature of reality at its smallest, at its largest, and at the scale of our daily lives. The enigmas Professor Michael Dine discusses are like landmarks on a fantastic journey to the edge of the universe.

Dine is widely recognized as one of the greatest living physicists, having made profound contributions to our understanding of matter, time, the Big Bang and even what might have come before it. Asked where to find out about the Big Bang, Dark Matter and Energy, the Higgs boson – the cutting edge of physics now – Dine had no single book he could recommend. This is his accessible, authoritative and up-to-date answer. Written in language anyone can follow, if you are looking for one book to help you understand physics, this is it.

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Viking, May 2022.  352 pages, paperback.