Barnett, John

A richly illustrated history of a single atom of carbon, tracing its many manifestations from the Big Bang to the present.  You’ll follow one atom from its spectacular birth 14 billion years ago through its harrowing journey on planet earth where it has become a basic building block of nearly 10 million known compounds in living things. You’ll learn that carbon:

• Is breathed in by the Peregrine Falcon
• Helps trees grow strong and tall
• Lets a moth’s eye make sense of light
• Is found in your pencil as well as in your liver
• And even helps convert grapes into wine

In this wondrous graphic journey, clever narrative and detailed art help bring to life the natural world and teach you a thing or two about how it was created. For anyone with a general interest in chemistry, physics, and the science of the universe, this beautiful book will both educate and inspire.

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No Starch, May 2021.  64 pages, hardcover