Secher, Andy (Author); Richard A Fortey (Foreword By); Melanie J Hopkins (Foreword By)

For more than 250 million years, the primaeval oceans of the Paleozoic teemed with trilobites. These hardy invertebrates evolved into an astonishing array of separate species – more than 25,000 at last count – and much remains unknown about these once-ubiquitous creatures. Fossil enthusiasts have become captivated by trilobites’ diversity and adaptability, enthralled by the possibility of catching a glimpse of a seemingly alien past.

Andy Secher – one of the most prolific trilobite collectors in the world – takes readers on an entertaining and enlightening journey to the distant epoch when these ancient arthropods swarmed through the seas. The Trilobite Collector’s Guide presents a series of “Top Ten” lists covering everything from celebrated Cambrian localities and world-class fossil shows to invaluable collecting tips and ways to spot a fake trilobite. These brisk and often witty chapters enumerate trilobites in all their beauty and strangeness, from the most common to the ridiculously rare, the outrageously old to the last in line. The Trilobite Collector’s Guide showcases more than 350 full-colour photographs, mostly of stunning specimens from Secher’s personal collection, that put trilobites’ staggering variety and complexity on full display. Engaging and informative, this book lets readers see the world of trilobites as it’s never been seen before.

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Columbia University Press, February 2024.  416 pages, hardcover, 357 colour photos