Paul, Gregory S

Once seen by some as evolutionary dead-enders, pterosaurs were vigorous winged reptiles capable of thriving in an array of habitats and climates, including polar winters. The Princeton Field Guide to Pterosaurs transforms our understanding of these great Mesozoic archosaurs of the air. This incredible field guide covers 115 pterosaur species and features stunning illustrations of pterosaurs ranging in size from swallows to small sailplanes, some with enormous, bizarre head crests and elongated beaks. It discusses the history of pterosaurs through 160 million years of the Mesozoic, their anatomy, physiology, locomotion, reproduction and growth, extinction, and even gives a taste of what it might be like to travel back to the Mesozoic. This one-of-a-kind guide also challenges the common image of big pterosaurs as ultralights that only soared, showing how these spectacular creatures could be powerful flappers as heavy as bears.

– Features detailed species accounts of 115 different kinds of pterosaurs, with the latest size and mass estimates
– Written and illustrated by the acclaimed researcher and artist who helped to redefine the anatomy and flight performance of pterosaurs
– Covers everything from pterosaur biology to the colourful history of pterosaur palaeontology Includes dozens of original skeletal drawings and full-colour life studies

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Princeton University Press, June 2022.  184 pages, hardcover, colour and black and white illustrations