White, Steve J, Darren Naish (Editors)

Dinosaurs are endlessly fascinating to people of every age, from the youngest child who enjoys learning the tongue-twisting names to adults who grew up with Jurassic Park and Walking with Dinosaurs. As our knowledge of the prehistoric world continues to evolve and grow, so has the discipline of bringing these ancient worlds to life artistically. Paleoart puts flesh on the bones of long-extinct organisms, and illustrates they world they lived in.

Mesozoic Art showcases twenty of the best artists working in this field, representing a broad spectrum of disciplines, from traditional painting to cutting-edge digital technology. Some provide the artwork for new scientific papers that demand high-end paleoart as part of their presentation to the world at large; they also work for the likes of National Geographic and provide art to museums around the world to illustrate their displays. Other artists are the new rising stars of paleoart in an ever-growing, ever-diversifying field.

Paleoart is as dynamic, fluid and colourful as the beasts it portrays. Arranged by portfolio, this book finally brings this magnificent art to a wide contemporary audience. Each piece of art is accompanied by an extended caption by the highly regarded palaeontologist and artist Darren Naish.

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Bloomsbury Wildlife, February 2023.   208 pages, hardcover, colour illustrations