Sardet, Christian

Through hundreds of close-up photographs this book transports readers into the currents where jeweled chains hang next to phosphorescent chandeliers, spidery claws jut out from sinuous bodies, and gelatinous barrels protect microscopic hearts. The creatures’ vibrant colours pop against the black pages, allowing readers to examine every eye and follow every tentacle. Jellyfish, tadpoles, and bacteria all find a place in the book, representing the broad scope of organisms dependent on drifting currents.  Christian Sardet’s enlightening text explains the biological underpinnings of each species while connecting them to the larger living world.

He begins with plankton’s origins and history, then dives into each group, covering ctenophores and cnidarians, crustaceans and mollusks, and worms and tadpoles. He also demonstrates the indisputable impact of plankton in our lives.

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University of Chicago Press, June 2015.  224 pages,  hardcover, dustwrapper, 550 colour and black and white photographs, 7 colour illustrations


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