Svensson, Erik and Ryan Calsbeek.

The ‘adaptive landscape’ has been a central concept in population genetics and evolutionary biology since it was first formulated by Sewall Wright in 1932. Eighty years later, it is considered a central framework in evolutionary quantitative genetics, selection studies in natural populations, and in studies of ecological speciation and adaptive radiations. Recently, several new and more sophisticated versions of the original adaptive landscape evolutionary model have been developed. This is the first book to critically discuss the past, present state, and future prospect of the adaptive landscape in evolutionary biology.  This volume brings together prominent historians of science, philosophers, ecologists, and evolutionary biologists, with the aim of discussing the state of the art of the adaptive landscape from several different perspectives.

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Oxford University Press, May 2012. 319 pages, Octavo, paperback, black and white photographs, tables, graphs.

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