Elzinga, Caryl, Dan Salzer, James Willoughby, James Gibbs

Providing suggestions for monitoring plant and animal communities, this book outlines the essential concepts in monitoring populations. It emphasizes the role of monitoring in adaptive management and defines terminology and contrasts monitoring with other data-collection activities.


1. Introduction To Monitoring. 2. Monitoring Overview. 3. Selecting Among Priorities. 4. Qualitative Techniques For Monitoring. 5. General Field Techniques. 6. Data Collection And Data Management. 7. Basic Principles Of Sampling. 8. Sampling Design. 9. Statistical Analysis. 10. Analysis Of Trends. 11. Selecting Random Samples. 12. Field Techniques For Measuring Vegetation. 13. Specialized Sampling Methods And Field Techniques For Animals. 14. Objectives. 15. Communication And Monitoring Plans. Appendix I: Monitoring Communities. Appendix II: Sample Size Equations. Appendix III: Confidence Interval Equations. Appendix IV: Sample Size And Confidence Intervals For Complex Sampling Designs. Literature Cited. Index References

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Wiley-Blackwell, February 2001.  360 pages, paperback, black and white illustrations, graphs, tables.

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