Maslo, Brooke and Julie L. Lockwood, editors.

Coastal ecosystems are centres of high biological productivity, but their conservation is often threatened by complex environmental factors. Citing examples from the major littoral habitats around the world, such as sandy beaches, salt marshes and mangrove swamps, this text characterises the biodiversity of coastline environments and highlights important aspects of their management and preservation, aided by the analysis of key representative species. Leaders in the field provide reviews of the foremost threats to coastal networks, including the effects of climate change, invasive species and major pollution incidents such as oil spills. Further discussion underscores the intricacies of measuring and managing coastline species in the field, taking into account the difficulties in quantifying biodiversity loss due to indirect cascading effects and trophic skew. Synthesising the current state of species richness with present and projected environmental pressures, the book ultimately establishes a research agenda for implementing and improving conservation practices moving forward.

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Cambridge University Press, March 2014.  382 pages, Octavo, paperback, colour and black and white photographs, maps.

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