Wells, Adrian, Owen Dunlop

OUT OF PRINT.  REPRINT UNDER CONSDIERATION.  This book seeks to awaken a new generation to the wonders of the Murray-Darling Basin –  to explore its heart and soul as we connect with its ancient history, First Nation cultural traditions and knowledge, extraordinary plants and animals, and its role as an artery for our modern lives. Although it is one of the world’s biggest basins, the Murray-Darling Basin’s rivers produce relatively little water, it has a small population and can be affected by extreme weather. This book is also a celebration of people. Whether you are studying chimpanzees in Africa (like Dr Jane Goodall) or restoring wetlands along the Murray-Darling Basin’s rivers (like Gayini) the key is people.  As this book shows again and again, it is people who are the key to continuing to make things happen in the Murray-Darling Basin – protecting culture, making better use of water, growing new crops, protecting animals and plants, undertaking research, integrating traditional knowledge, developing strong and resilient communities. Most importantly, it is only when people work together and share skills and knowledge that the Murray-Darling Basin’s problems will be solved.

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Jane Goodall Institute Australia, October 2023.  176 pages, hardcover, colour photographs throughout.