Scott, J Michael, John A Wiens, Beatrice Van Horne, Dale D Goble

Globally, more and more species are at risk of extinction as the environment and climate change. Many of these species require long-term management to persist – they are conservation-reliant. The magnitude of this challenge requires a rethinking of how conservation priorities are determined and a broader societal commitment to conservation. Choices need to be made about which species will be conserved, for how long, and by whom. Shepherding Nature uses case studies and essays by conservation practitioners from throughout the world to explore what conservation reliance is and what it means for endangered-species management. Chapters consider threats to species and how they are addressed, legal frameworks for protecting endangered species, societal contexts and conflicts over conservation goals, and how including conservation reliance can strengthen methods for prioritizing species for conservation. Shepherding Nature concludes by discussing how shepherding nature requires an evaluation of societal values and ethics.

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Cambridge University Press, March 2020.  350 pages, paperback,  57 colour and 62 black and white illustrations