Taylor, Marianne

This beautifully illustrated book on the world’s most impressive and spectacular movements of animals, includes various species of mammals, birds, fish and invertebrates.

Twenty-five species are covered and these include iconic migrations, ranging from millions of wildebeest moving through the plains of east Africa and the annual return of the spawning salmon each year, to swarms of Monarch butterflies travelling thousands of miles and Arctic Terns flying virtually from pole-to-pole and back each year.

Perhaps less well-known but certainly no less spectacular events include the movements of the Grey Whale, Harp Seal, Osprey, Wilson’s Storm-petrel, Ruby throated Hummingbird, Hummingbird Hawkmoth, Desert Locust, Globe Skimmer dragonfly and even the Christmas Island Red Crab.

In each case there is an engaging written account, a map showing the location of the movement, and several images of the species concerned, often in spectacular gatherings as the migration is in full swing. In short this is a remarkable and eye-catching book covering some of the world’s most impressive natural history spectacles, and it will be a valuable addition to the library of any wildlife enthusiast.

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New Holland Publishers, December 2016.  191 pages, paperback