Wheeler, Tony

OUT OF PRINT.Islands of Australia takes you on a virtual journey around the coast, from ecoresorts, pristine beaches and dive sites to guano mines, prisons and subantarctic volcanoes.  Illustrated with stunning colour images of Australia’s diverse islands, from rugged and remote volcanic outcrops to postcard-perfect tropical getaways

Not just an island continent, Australia is a continent of islands.  With over 8,000 islands, it has more than the entire Caribbean.  Join seasoned traveller Tony Wheeler on a journey around the Australian coast and beyond to discover the stunning natural features, unique wildlife and chequered histories of Australia’s remarkable (and remarkably diverse) islets, cays, atolls and archipelagos. Find out why the Whitsundays should have been called the Whitmondays, encounter Australia’s only known pirate, witness mutiny and murder on the Bounty and Batavia, meet giant lizards and friendly quokkas, and discover rich Indigenous cultures. Whether you’re an intrepid explorer, a simple sun-seeker or an armchair tourist, Islands of Australia will have you itching to visit.

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National Library of Australia, October 2019.  248 pages, paperback, colour photos