Ward, Craig and Tim Hawkes

Through a stunning collection of full colour photographs, this book showcases every endemic frog, reptile, bird and mammal found in Australia’s wet tropics bringing up to date the list of unique animals of this region. Recently described species are included as well as updates on the status of others, making this the most accurate and comprehensive listing in print. This book is a celebration of the endemic species of the wet tropics, the photographers and biologists who work there, and a call to arms for conservation.

This visually stunning book is a celebration of the unique wildlife found only within Australia’s World Heritage Listed Wet Tropics. Endemic species are featured in full colour double page spreads, with subspecies and other notable animals included as short briefs.

“This compilation of endemic terrestrial vertebrates of the Wet Tropics is not only an exquisite visual demonstration of themagnificence, diversity and uniqueness of our Wet Tropics wildlife, but it is also an eminently useful and important resource for amateur naturalists, tour guides, the Wet Tropics community, and all who share a passion for the splendour of the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area. “

Scott Buchanan, Executive Director,
Wet Tropics Management Authority

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Eternal Endemism, Quarto, oblong format, paperback, colour photographs, map.

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