Costermans, Leon, Fons VandenBerg

At last, a book about geology and landscapes that anyone can understand . . .This book assists readers on a journey of discovery from their own observations through to explanations based on the best geological knowledge we have today.  For the First Australians, everything in the present has had a story from the distant past and so it is for modern geology.  However, dealing with the essential time dimensions does not come easily to many of us.  Indigenous people did this effectively with their songlines.

Stories shows that geology is about the fascinating stories that rocks can reveal, the influence that geological factors have on the vegetation, land utilisation and  whole ecosystems and much more.

A valuable resource for land managers and volunteer groups, teachers and students of environmental subjects, geologists, ecologists and all who are interested in the natural world.


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Costermans Publishing, November 2022.  660 pages, hardcover, more than 1870 photographs, digital images, maps and diagrams