Tweedie Penny

Situated in the far reaches of the Northern Territory, Arnhem Land is one of the few regions of Australia where traditional Aboriginal culture remains intact.  Author/Photographer Penny Tweedie’s twenty year relationship with the people of Arnhem Land has given her unparalleled access into their lives and culture, and resulted in this rare glimpse into traditional Aboriginal culture. Quotes from the Aboriginal people themselves bring the photographs to life and provide an insight into the spirit of Arnhem Land.  Organized into four sections, the book details the efforts of the Aboriginal people to maintain their cultural heritage.  The introduction provides the reader with background information on Aboriginal history and traditional art, while the remaining three sections focus on the themes of Land, Water, and Spirit and their meaning to the Aboriginal people.  Magnificent Aboriginal artworks, including rock art and bark painting, are featured throughout the book.

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New Holland Publishers, April 2021.  180 pages, paperback