Slattery, Deidre; Graeme L. Worboys

This book tells the story of one of Australia’s natural wonders, Kosciuszko National Park. A National Heritage–listed treasure, the park is the home of the mainland’s highest mountains, past glaciation sites, limestone caves, fields of summer wildflowers and alpine animals and plants found nowhere else on Earth. It is the headwater catchments of the Murray, Murrumbidgee and Snowy Rivers. It is much loved by more than 2 million visitors annually who enjoy its natural and cultural history, its snowfields, walking, riding and sightseeing.

Kosciuszko National Park owes its protected area status to an ecological disaster.  It was caused by 120 years of grazing and burning off and excessive, unregulated stocking rates, particularly during extreme droughts.

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Envirobook, 2020.  450 pages, paperback, colour and black and white illustrations, maps, figs.