Andrews, Munya

This book invites you to to step into the magical world of Aboriginal Dreamtime and to share in the world’s oldest living culture – its ancient knowledge and spiritual wisdom. Inside are Dreamtime concepts that everyone can understand.

Find out why the Rainbow Snake is called by that name and why it is deeply revered.  What special role does it play in traditional healing?  What are sacred sites and how do they empower you? What does it mean to have kangaroo or possum Dreaming?  How can you discover your ‘Dreaming’ and what it can teach you?  How does Dreaming help you cope with and master life? What are Dreaming Eyes and Dreaming Ears? What are Sorry Rocks?

Come on a journey with Aboriginal Elder, Aunty Munya as she guides you in discovering your purpose in life and how to walk in the footsteps of our Ancestors. Learn what it means to truly belong and be family to everyone and everything.

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Australian Society of Authors, December 2018.  126 pages, paperback