Griffiths, Billy

‘Deftly weaving together biography, history and literature, an immense variety of Australian landscapes and ecologies with many and complex strands of archaeology, Griffiths brilliantly charts the history of modern Aboriginal archaeology in Australia……Rich and absorbing and at times spell-binding’   Grace Karskens

This book investigates a twin revolution:  the reassertion of Aboriginal identity in the second half of the twentieth century and the uncovering of the traces of ancient Australia by pioneering archaeologists.  It explores what it means to live in a place of great antiquity, with its complex questions of ownership and belonging.

‘Once every generation, a book comes along that marks the emergence of a powerful new literary voice and shifts our understanding of the nation’s past…. No other book has managed to convey the mystery and intricacy of Indigenous antiquity in quite the same way….’  Mark McKenna


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Black Inc., February 2018.  392 pages, paperback