Ferrett, Russell

CURRENTLY OUT OF PRINT.  REPRINT UNDER CONSIDERATION.  This book contains information on hundreds of amazing and intriguing ‘geosites’ based around rocks and landscapes in Australia, from world-famous iconic places such as Uluru to lesser-known but no less impressive attractions. It is written in everyday English and lavishly illustrated with photos and drawings to assist inquisitive travellers and interested readers to understand the shaping of rocks and landforms in this wonderful country. The guide is basically a collection of stand-alone explanations of more than 200 different geological features, varying in size from the Great Barrier Reef and the Great Artesian Basin down to the various London Bridges of New South Wales, Victoria and West Australia. Where sites are complex the author has selected interesting aspects that may not have been previously known to readers. His aim has been to encourage visitors to go much further than simply taking pretty photographs and ticking must-see tourist boxes. Each site account is packed with essential information such as when to visit, where to park, which track to take and so on, all aimed at helping readers to make the most of their visits, and in the process making this an indispensible guide. Russ Ferrett is an avid traveller. His travels, along with 40 years of teaching geography and history, make him eminently suitable to write a book of this breadth.

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Reed New Holland, October 2022.  400 pages, paperback, photographs, illustrations