Stevens, Guy, Daniel Fernando, Marc Dando, Giuseppe Notarbartolo di Sciara (Authors)

Manta and devil rays are some of the most charismatic creatures in the ocean, and yet, until now there has never been a guide to these fascinating animals. Born into a life of perpetual motion, these rays must keep swimming to survive. Driven forwards by powerful beats of their wing-like pectoral fins, these filter feeding rays search the ocean currents for prey, their horn-like cephalic (head) fins giving rise to ancient mariners’ tales of fearsome devilfish dragging boats into the ocean depths.

This comprehensive 144 page field guide includes detailed information on the identification, characteristics, threats and distribution for each of the species within this family of rays. Illustrated with over 200 beautiful colour photos, drawings and plates, Guide to Manta & Devil Rays of the World also contains an expansive introduction packed full of useful information on the general taxonomy, biology and behaviour of these iconic animals.

The guide’s light-weight, easy-to-use, attractive qualities make it an invaluable field companion for any scientist, diver or marine enthusiast who has an interest in these fascinating creatures. It is an essential resource for fisheries management, international trade enforcement, and for anyone wanting to become involved in the ongoing efforts to research and conserve this threatened family of rays.

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Princeton University Press, August 2018.  144 pages, paperback, 200+ colour photos, colour illustrations, colour distribution maps