Atack, Katherine

Introduces the non-taxonomic reader to the variety of fish species in the mostly estuarine rivers running through the city of Kuching. Many of the species are illustrated with some of the most stunning photography yet seen in any fish guide. One hundred and two species are described with detailed information on the appearance, habitat and distribution. These species range from freshwater species that can tolerate low salinity levels to marine species that visit freshwater. This book covers the species most likely to be seen, and provides characteristics to enable identification without the use of a microscope or anatomy dissection. In addition, the introductory chapters give a brief review of Sarawak and Kuching, before providing a general outline of fish habitats, biology and ecology.

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Natural History Publications (Borneo),  December 2006.    200 pages, hardcover, colour photographs, black and white line drawings, 1 colour map

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