Hadden, Don

Waterbirds of Australia showcases over 85 birds that frequent the wetlands, the shores and the coastal waters around the country.

Australia supports a fascinating variety of waterbirds, from the Jabiru (more properly known as the Black-necked Stork) to two native hens.  Amongst the shorebirds are about 30 migratory waders.  There are ibis and spoonbills, extremely secretive and discreetly plumaged crakes and rails, and 23 species of the Ardeidae family of herons, egrets, bitterns and night-herons. All have been captured in their natural environment by nature photographer Don Hadden, following on from his Birds of Australia and Birds of the Outback.

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New Holland, November 2010.  96 pages, Oblong format, hard cover, dustwrapper, colour photographs.

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