Taylor, Barry and Ber van Perlo.

Most species are solitary and somewhat secretive and are therefore high on the “want” lists of many birdwatchers. This book describes and illustrates 145 rail species, comprising all living species, including two that have only recently been described, and also ten which have recently become extinct and two which are almost certainly extinct, plus all recently extinct races of surviving species. This book is the first to give precise information on field identification (including voice) for all species and races for which details are known, and for the first time it describes the immature and juvenile plumages of many species. It also provides a detailed summary of our current knowledge of all aspects of rail biology and behaviour.


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Pica Press, August 2001.  600 pages, hard cover, dustwrapper, 43 colour plates by Ber van Perlo, text illustrations, maps.


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