De Roy, Tui

A lifelong resident of Galápagos, Tui De Roy has been observing, studying, and photographing the islands’ astonishing birdlife for sixty years. In A Pocket Guide to Birds of Galápagos, she distils everything she has learned to create a one-of-a-kind field guide that every birder visiting the archipelago will want to carry with them wherever they go.

A compact yet comprehensive combination of field guide and natural history, the book features more than 550 of De Roy’s superb photographs and is packed with detailed, easy-to-access information in bullet-point format. Every resident bird species is fully described and abundantly illustrated, showing different aspects of their life cycle, habitat, and behaviour. And the islands’ most iconic bird group – Darwin’s Finches – is given special attention. With precise descriptions including plumage and beak variations, the book corrects many common identification errors about this group.

Unique in design and content, A Pocket Guide to Birds of Galápagos is a must-have for all wildlife enthusiasts travelling to this fabled archipelago – and anyone who wants to better understand its spectacular birds.

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Princeton University Press, November 2022.  136 pages, flexibound,  616 colour photos, 33 colour distribution maps