del Hoyo, Josep et al., editors.

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Volume 6 covers the Order Coliformes – Family Coliidae (Mousebirds); Order Trogoniformes – Family Trogonidae (Trogons); and Order Coraciiformes families Alcedinidae (Kingfishers), Todidae (Todies), Momotidae (Motmots). Meropidae (Bee-eaters), Coraciidae (Rollers), Brachypteraciidae (Ground-rollers), Leptosomidae (Cuckoo-rollers), Upupidae (Hoopoes), Phoeniculidae (Wood-hoopoes), and Bucerotidae (Hornbills). It contains a foreword on avian bioacoustics.


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Lynx Edicions, 2001.  589 pages, hardcover, dustwrapper, 45 plates with colour illustrations; 385 colour photos, 270 colour distribution maps, 11 illustrations and tables

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