Bradley, Patricia E

With a rich avifauna of more than 300 species, the three islands that make up the Cayman Islands – Grand Cayman, Little Cayman and Cayman Brac – form an increasingly popular birding destination. Although the islands’ sole endemic species, Cayman Islands Thrush, was extinct by the 1940s, the islands have a healthy crop of regional scarcities and are an important migrant stopping point as they cross the Caribbean.

Containing hundreds of stunning photographs by Yves-Jacques Rey-Millet, A Photographic Guide to the Birds of the Cayman Islands, the latest addition to Helm’s Photographic Guides series, provides full photographic coverage of every species on the Cayman Islands list. Concise text for each species includes identification, similar species, voice, habitats and behaviour, status and distribution. A Photographic Guide to the Birds of the Cayman Islands is an essential companion for anyone visiting these beautiful islands.

This book is an unmodified reprint of the 2013 book.

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Helm, August 2020.  288 pages, paperback, colour photos, 4 black and white illustrations, 8 colour maps