Ettlinger, Richard.

The most memorable and evocative fact about birds is that they fly, but most of the great bird illustrators, arts and photographers show us birds at rest. Not so the seven photographers whose work is collected in On Feathered Wings.   This international group specializes in capturing birds in flight and each strives to out-do the others in documenting the lives of birds in the air.
The most intrepid flyers among the birds are the long distance migrators and the birds of prey. These creatures are built for endurance or speed. Most birds can do in the air almost anything they can do at rest, including eating and sleeping.  The only exception is breeding.

On Feathered Wings explains the basics of bird flight: from how they do it to how it evolved. But the indisputable stars are the birds themselves, seen in vivid sharp focus and amazing detail: a Peregrine falcon in a 100-mph dive; two black skimmers fighting in mid-air; a snowy owl keying in on dinner; an arctic tern fishing; a barn swallow feeding her young.

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Abrams, 2008.  192 pages, hard cover, dustwrapper, 175 colour photographs.

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