Roberts, Col

From the author of the best selling Finches of Australia comes another amazing book – but this time on Gouldian Finches alone.  These are the most extraordinary images ever recorded of Gouldian Finches.

Col Roberts has lived in Gouldian country for many years and spent countless thousands of hours exploring, finding and then photographing them. There has never been another book like it and Col is the first person in the world to photograph and publish all of Australia’s finch species and subspecies.  Now, with his latest work, readers can enjoy stunning and unique photography of the Gouldian Finch, regarded as the world’s most beautiful, and the breathtaking environment in which it lives. The author’s love of the Kimberley and Northern Territory – coincidentally the main habitat of the Gouldian – is quite apparent.

Many of the images record behaviour that has never been captured before on camera. This has only come about by the author being prepared to spend years in the field in often hot and oppressive conditions in all seasons to capture hard to get images.

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Kimberley Images, September 2021.  300 pages, hardcover, French fold plastic covered dust jacket, colour photographs