Jackson, Stephanie

Illustrated with more than 200 stunning images, this entertaining and informative book introduces readers to more than 50 bird species that inhabit Australia and can be found in habitats ranging from backyards to the outback.

It not only provides an abundance of facts regarding the habitats and behaviour of each featured species, but also relates the often humorous stories of the author’s face-to-face encounters with some of the country’s most awe-inspiring species, from the majestic Wedge-tailed Eagle to the diminutive yet charismatic Red-capped Robin.

The endangered Superb Parrot is every bit as beautiful as its name suggests, while hyperactive Superb Fairy-wrens, bathing in an unattended bowl of washing-up water at a campsite, seem more intent on having fun than in the serious business of cleaning their plumage.

The book also includes invaluable advice and information on the art of birdwatching. Ideal for both dedicated long-term birdwatchers and those who simply want to learn more about the birds that they encounter when they’re in the great outdoors, Encounters With Australian Birds adds a dash of the fun to the pleasure of watching birds and makes reading an enjoyable and entertaining experience.

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Reed New Holland, March 2023.  208 pages, paperback, colour photographs throughout