Roberts, Col

OUT OF PRINT.  Col Roberts is regarded as one of the world’s leading landscape, fishing and bird photographers.  He has limited the amount of text in this beautiful coffee table book, preferring to write his own field observations.  This is the most comprehensive collection of Australian finch photos ever recorded.   Col has captured interesting behavioural images which take many forms including birds in flight, courting, mating, nesting and feeding.  With more than 400 photographs it covers every species and sub-species.

The task of travelling around Australia seeking out the various species has at times been arduous and often involved sitting in a hide in stifling and oppressive conditions to capture never-before-seen images of finches and their behaviour.  It is estimated that this involved over 2500 hours of field study.  The result is a testament to his skill and love of bird photography.


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Kimberley Images Pty Ltd, October 2018.  448 pages, hard cover.  Entire book is colour photographs

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Dimensions 26.5 × 26.5 cm