Joseph Bauer, Franz Bauer, Ferdinand Bauer, (Illustrators) Hans Walter Lack(Author)

OUT OF PRINT.  As artists, Joseph, Franz and Ferdinand Bauer were independently highly successful: Joseph as court painter to the Prince of Lichtenstein; Franz (later Francis) was employed at Kew Gardens, England, as the “Botanick Painter to His Majesty”; and Ferdinand’s seminal collection of 1500 paintings created from sketches he made traveling in and around Australia, is the first detailed account of the natural history of that continent.

Drawn from the holdings of the Natural History Museum in London, this illustrated history of the Bauers and their work unfolds chronologically, starting with the brothers’ formative years in Feldsberg, Austria, where they produced more than two thousand drawings of plant specimens under the guidance of the local abbot. Learning how to dissect plants as well as how to use microscopes to paint them in intricate detail, the Bauers became well known for their extraordinary precision. Their incredibly detailed work, along with their beautiful and highly developed methods of colouring their paintings, comes to life in numerous superbly reproduced illustrations.

A celebration of an indelible body of work, this unique volume The Bauers: Joseph, Franz & Ferdinand recalls the Golden Age of botanical artistry through the lives and contributions of the renowned Bauer brothers.

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Prestel, February 2016.  496 pages,  hardcover, 226 colour photos and colour illustrations