Smith, James I.D.

This book is the result of remarkable people, remarkable organisations and a remarkable community working together to produce a stunning contribution on the wildlife of the state of South Australia.  By population, Adelaide is a small city and South Australia a small state. Each of the South Australian scientific institutions lack the individual capacity to undertake the large and complex task of assembling and collating the material for a guide of this type.  However, James with his foresight, imagination, drive, determination and ability to create so many working partnerships, solved all the issues in unique ways and has delivered an outstanding product.

Whether digging in the garden, walking the dog, or jogging through a local park, we constantly encounter animals.  From the minute and bizarre creatures hidden in the leaf litter, to big, colourful, active mammals and birds, we are surrounded by wildlife.  Adelaide and the surrounding Mount Lofty Ranges support a spectacular diversity of fauna, some of which are found nowhere else.  However, there is limited benefit in simply encountering this wildlife.  If we were able to identify the species, understand their biology and explain their habits to our kids and our visitors alike, how much more rewarding would the experience be?  This beautifully illustrated full colour book is a catalogue of the amazing animals with which the region is shared.  As a photographic guide it provides descriptions, natural histories and additional information about both native and introduced species.  Most importantly, the book equips the reader with the identification skills to explore, understand and appreciate the wildlife of the region.


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Axiom Publishing, 2016.  463 pages, hardcover, colour photographs throughout.