Redoute, Pierre Joseph and James Sowerby.

Part of The Mini Archive series that aims to capture the best of the best of ancient, rare, and significant volumes. Drawing from the roses depicted in Pierre Joseph Redoute’s three volume masterpiece, “Les Roses” (first published in installments between 1817 and 1824) and James Sowerby’s thirty-six volume botanical monolith “English Botany” (1790-1813), this book features 170 of both artists’ magnificent hand-colored engravings in all their blooming glory. A visual index categorises each rose according to name, species, class, and genome. This book is accompanied by a DVD containing all of the images in the book in Tiff and Jpeg format. This book will appeal to horticulturists, collectors, students, teachers, artists and rose-lovers alike, for no one will be able to resist the undeniable beauty of these two artists’ absolutely breathtaking illustrations.

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Harper Collins Publishers, Octavo, paperback and CD-ROM, colour illustrations.

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