Artist/Author : Samways, Michael J.et al.
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Tropical island species and ecosystems are threatened worldwide as a result of increasing human pressure. Yet some of these islands also lend themselves to restoration, as they are physically defined units that can be given focused attention, as long as resources are available and clear conservation targets are set. Cousine Island, Seychelles, is a tropical island that has received such intensive restoration. From a highly degraded island in the 1960s, the island has now been restored to what is believed to be a semblance of the natural state. The need for the book arises from the fact that here is a positive note for conservation in these times of so much negative news on the state of our environment. More importantly, the book shows how such restoration should be done, and is therefore a model for many other islands around the world.

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John Wiley and Sons, Quarto, laminated boards, colour photographs.

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