Brock, Paul D. and Jack W Hasenpusch.

OUT OF PRINT.  Australia has a rich diversity of phasmids – otherwise known as stick and leaf insects. Most of them are endemic, few have been studied and new species continue to be found. Stick insects are, by far, Australia’s longest insects – some of them reach up to 300 mm in body length, or more than half a metre if you include their outstretched legs. Many stick insects are very colourful, and some have quite elaborate, defensive behaviour. Increasingly they are being kept as pets.

This is the first book on Australian phasmids for nearly 200 years and covers all known stick and leaf insects.  It includes photographs of all species, notes on their ecology and biology as well as identification keys suitable for novices or professionals.

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CSIRO Publishing, January 2009.  Octavo, paperback, 216 pages, colour photographs, line drawings, maps.

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