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OUT OF PRINT.   Research into Australia’s freshwater turtles has progressed greatly in the last fifteen years. A number of new species have been formally described, thus increasing our appreciation of the complex biology and diversity of these beautiful reptiles. Many populations of turtles are currently in decline as they compete with ever expanding human populations for water.

This practical Wild Australia Guide introduces Australia’s freshwater turtles. Learn about these amazing reptiles from the very large broad-shelled turtle, to the well-known Macquarie river turtle, and the attractive Purvis’ turtle.

High-quality photographs and information on appearance, behaviour and distribution make Wild Australia Guide: Freshwater Turtles is perfect for anyone who has ever wondered about the intriguing lives of turtles.

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Steve Parish Publishing, January 2008.  96 pages,  Small octavo, paperback, colour photographs, distribution maps.

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