Gower, David, Katherine Garrett, and Peter Stafford.

Whether feared or admired, snakes evoke stronger human reactions than almost any other animal. Moving swiftly without limbs, swallowing meals often several times larger than themselves, and with many having venomous bites, they never fail to fascinate. Snakes describes the biology and natural history of this ecologically important group of animals, from garter snakes and vipers to boas and pythons. Natural History Museum expert David Gower together with Katherine Garrett, have updated Peter Stafford’s original text, highlighting the variety and complexity of this group that includes almost 3,000 living species. Information on habitat, conservation status, and unusual behaviour is also included. Stunningly illustrated throughout and with the use of examples from around the globe, this comprehensive introduction to the snakes of the world shows that they are an important group of animals that should be valued and admired rather than feared and hated.

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The Natural History Museum, London, Octavo, paperback, colour photographs. colour and black and white illustrations, line drawings.

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