Dixon, James R.

Situated at the junction of four major physiographic divisions of North America, Texas provides many varied habitats for amphibians and reptiles.

In this new edition of Amphibians and Reptiles of Texas, James R. Dixon adds to and updates the extensive information given in the highly valued first edition published in 1987. The many helpful features of this book include an updated listing of the literature on Texas amphibians and reptiles and a brief history of important herpetological publications, investigators, and authors.

This volume covers more than 150 years of inquiry and is testimony to the careers of many distinguished herpetologists, including French botanist Jean Louis Berlandier, who encountered Texas herpetofauna during his travels from 1828 to 1834.

More than 150 maps show the distribution records for Texas herpetofauna. The book also contains an identification key supplemented by drawings, photographs, a glossary, and scientific and common names to aid both professional and amateur herpetologists.

For this new edition Dixon has added a section on conservation issues that highlights the threats to the continued survival of amphibians and reptiles, particularly commercial collecting and habitat destruction.

Herpetologists, environmentalists, wildlife specialists, and all those who love the outdoors will find this guide invaluable for identifying and understanding the species they encounter.

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Texas A & M University Press Octavo, 25 black and white photographs, 14 line drawings, 163 maps

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