Swanson, Stephen.

Australia is home to 191 snake species, and in no other region of the world are venomous snakes in such abundance. Australia’s snakes can be encountered while scuba-diving on the Great Barrier Reef, hiking an alpine meadow in Tasmania’s highlands or occasionally in a suburban garden.

This Steve Parish Wild Australia Guide offers an excellent insight into the lives of snakes that live in Australia – how to identify them, how they behave, what they eat, where they live and how they breed. To fear snakes is part of the natural psyche, but through education, people are slowly becoming more tolerant of them and are beginning to realise the important role they play in the ecosystem.

The aim of this Wild Australia Guide is to promote understanding of these misunderstood reptiles, some of which are increasingly threatened due to destruction and alteration of habitat.

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Steve Parish Publishing, January 2008.  Small octavo, paperback, colour photographs, distribution maps.

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